Spirituality is not only for the time of hardships; it applies to ordinary times as well. Every day, there will be something that could make us lose peace. ” However tight I shut my eyes, there will always be a stray dog somewhere in the world who’ll stop me being happy.” from “Restless Heart” La Sauvage, a play by the French writer Jean Anouilh,1934.


Spiritual development needs training

Since our childhood, we try to answer these recurrent questions:

Who am I? What do I want? Why Am I here? What is the meaning of life?

Spirituality helps us answer these questions, but spiritual development requires training. It implies the evolution of consciousness that one can acquire slowly by practicing daily meditation, contemplation, and prayer. These precious moments open our eyes and lead us to our own truth; we find our way. Because we are all unique and on a mission, our life journey is personal. We can bring any topic into our meditation in deep communion with the Almighty.

The practice of spirituality enhances the quality of our life because when we reach a certain degree, we know who we are, our purpose, and what meaning we give to our life. As a result, we become more vigorous and wiser in any circumstances. But it seems that spirituality is less practiced in developed countries where the rate of depressions and suicide is increasing. Unfortunately, this is the case here in our country. My Husband Ambassador’s Ghoulem Berrah, in his memoir, “A Dream for Peace,” underlines the point:

“Education has been an essential component that underlies the development of every vibrant society. But most people in developed nations I observed had gradually lost touch with their spirituality. I contemplated the unfortunate consequences of advanced nations in the western hemisphere whose citizens found themselves trapped in a life that had spiraled out of control, leaving their souls trembling at their core. There was an absence of life’s purpose. It seemed as if everyone was entombed in a moment of unbridled ambition, floating somewhere between a feeling of dissatisfaction and a distorted view of true happiness. Consequentially, people were not only lost, but they also found themselves stuck in an infinite loop of soul searching.”

The reward of spirituality is inner happiness that we can share with others.

It is crucial to practice spirituality because we need to be acquainted with God, our Creator, besides loving family and friends. If everybody around us were to disappear, he is the only friend who will never pass away; He will always be there for us. Parents are responsible for teaching spirituality to their children; the practice of spirituality empowers them to find their mission and walk their path. The journey of enlightenment will stop the exponential rates of suicides and depressions among the youth, especially here in the United States.


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