Witnessing all the turmoil in the world, how can we dare talk about peace?

In our daily lives, peace starts with us. Cultivating peace in small matters is already promoting peace.

We strive for peace at the Dr. Ghoulem Berrah Foundation by cultivating Interfaith harmony.

When you know how your neighbor worships, he no longer looks strange to you. You acknowledge your differences while breaking your prejudices, which is a way to build peace and understanding.

On November 12th, a group of Christian and Muslim teenagers attended Sunday Mass together at St. Joseph Miami Beach Catholic Church. Young Lea, of the Jewish faith, was missing and kept home by the flu.

After Mass, they interacted with Reverend Juan Sosa, Pastor of the Church, during a Q&A session to clarify their views. The atmosphere was convivial while sharing some coffee, donuts, and soft drinks.

They were all thrilled by the experience.

Considering the bigger picture of the world we live in, one cannot be indifferent to the heartbreaking suffering and hatred in the land where God chose to reveal Himself to humankind on three occasions: the cradle of the Abrahamic Faiths, Jewish, Christian, and Muslim.

As believers, it is a call of duty to pray relentlessly for wisdom to prevail and for decision-makers to strive for an outburst of Peace. Nothing is impossible to the Divine Benevolence of The Almighty.

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