BAR stands for:

Believe, Accept, and Respond, used by Bishop Joseph Espaillat in a sermon delivered at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York.

In the Abrahamic Faiths, we all Believe in God.

Notwithstanding our religion, we could be Jewish, Christian, or Muslim, most challenging is to Accept what God has in store for us when it comes to adversities. For example, regardless of our age, coping with the loss of a loved one is always problematic. Likewise, parents suffering from their child’s sudden cancer or addiction to drugs or alcohol are often in distress. 

In our distress, we are shaken to the core, and sometimes we grow angry against God and struggle with our faith. 

Nothing is so delicate as the human soul,” nothing so quickly bruised.”We all need the grace of God for anything, and we must all ask for it through the miraculous power of prayer. It’s not easy; each person will climb the mountain at their own pace.

Prayer will help us find our inner light so we can enjoy the good times 

and Accept the most challenging times. Despite the pain, our positive Response to difficult situations will propel us forward in our life mission. 

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