BAR stands for: Believe, Accept, and Respond, used by Bishop Joseph Espaillat in a sermon delivered at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York. In the Abrahamic Faiths, we all Believe in God. Notwithstanding our religion, we could be Jewish, Christian, or Muslim, most challenging is to Accept what God has in store for us when …

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All religions teach gratitude. The concept of gratitude is fundamental in Buddhism; the lack of gratitude is a sign of no integrity. In Islam, most sentences end with the word “Alhamdulilah,” praise to Allah. In the Jewish Faith honoring the Shabbath is paramount. We are prompt to complain about the weather; a recurrent groaning: “it’s …



Jews, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Believers, non Believers We all wept the two last years for our family and friends, neighbors, country, and the whole world because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Some are still petrified, having a hard time moving in any direction. Besides Covid, all kinds of pains; the death of a loved one, for some, …


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