You could be Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, or practicing no
religion at all, we human beings have a hard time forgiving.
It is one of the most challenging endeavors, especially when it comes to people closest to us.

We suffer a lot for unforgiveness because it closes our hearts to love.
Unforgiveness is painful and destructive to oneself: for example “I can’t forgive my mother for criticizing me all the time.” or “My sister Mary has been so mean to me that I can’t let it go.”
How many people refuse to talk to a family member because, for a valid or inconsistent reason, they nourish anger against that person?

We begrudge giving away mercy to others. But do we realize that the grudge contributes to the squandering of our inner peace?
It takes time to be able to yield forgiveness. For those who believe in God, the most effective way to help us forgive is to put on Him completely the cares that weigh you down. Slowly He will remove the storm from our heart and clothe us with peace.

Buddhism recommends Meditation as a way to heal trauma and pain.
Prayer, Meditation it’s worth trying. Regardless of our faith, forgiveness is powerful; our health depends on it. Embracing forgiveness will change our life.

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