We all run all day long to meet our challenges:

-In the early morning, we rush to work.

-Later, we rush to pick up our children from school.

-We rush to be ready for our family dinner.

– We rush on the Internet or on TV to catch up with the latest News.

When it is time to go to bed, we are worn out.

 Day after day, a large number of us fall into the same routine. We don’t spare time to pause and reflect on where we are going. At some point, we get caught up:

 “How can I possibly describe the anguish in my soul?”

 We shouldn’t be afraid, knowing that countless of our brothers and sisters throughout the world, regardless of their faith, Jewish, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, or non-believers undergo the same trial; this is just part of our human nature.

When we sit back and indulge ourselves in meditation or prayers, it’s like refueling ourselves. We feel rejuvenated, and the peaceful joy we experience leads us to the bosom of happiness.

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