Regardless of our faith, all human beings need the gift of fortitude.
Covid -19 did not utter his final words yet. How to live peaceably? We certainly need the fortitude to move toward recovery.
When faced with extreme suffering, we need the fortitude to rebuild our strength.
We hear some talks about the world being on the brink of World War III; what should we do? We cannot wallow in fear; we need the fortitude to stay steadfast, go about our daily life, and mind our own business.
Even if we travel through a day, we need fortitude because we do not know what we will experience.
Anything we are poised to accomplish will require fortitude to overcome the obstacles.
Those who are courageous and persevere may stumble and fall but rise up, overcome difficulties and continue their endeavor.
In the Abrahamic faiths, it is God who girds us with strength:
Islam stresses patience and fortitude as the most effective path to success:
From the Holy Qu’ran, Al-Baqara, chapter 2:verse 153
“O you who believe! seek help in steadfast patience and prayer;
for God is with those who are patient.”
From the Deuteronomy, the Fifth Book of the Torah and the Fifth Book of The Old Testament in the Christian Bible:
“Be strong and courageous.
Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord
your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.”
In Buddhism, fortitude is the path to happiness and entails a daily practice.
Religions should not divide us because we have so much in common as human beings. Fortitude is a fundamental and indispensable virtue to pursue. It is a winding road. At the Dr. Ghoulem Berrah Foundation, our wish is that we all persevere and practice fortitude in our daily existence and endure adversity.

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