No human being, no country we believe is powerful.

Let us think for a second; in the most powerful country in the world on September 28, 2022, water burst through doors in Naples, Florida, as hurricane Ian made landfall as a monstrous category 4 hurricane.

The ocean invited itself into people’s homes, killing 109 individuals in 19 Florida counties and leaving numerous men and women in disarray having lost overnight their house and belongings.

We heard information about what could be predicted or expected, but nobody knew what would happen until reality struck out and popped up.

In the Abrahamic Faiths, Jewish, Christian, and Islamic, we believe in God; we are grateful and give him thanks at all times.

He is the only mighty

He is the one that keeps arranging all events of our life minutely, “from the most far-reaching to the most insignificant”. We will all agree on that.

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