Regardless of our faith, we are all part of the service channel.
To serve is catering to other people’s needs. For example, a real estate broker, a teacher, or a gatekeeper can serve in their specific field with the same commitment and a joyful heart. A physician is on a mission, a housekeeper, or a banker on a different one. Priests, Imams, and Rabbis are entrusted with the task of catering to human spiritual needs.
At the Dr. Ghoulem Berrah Foundation, we are happy to congratulate a board member, Father Juan Sosa, the Pastor of St Joseph Catholic Church in Miami Beach, Florida. On May 20th, he celebrated the 50th year of his priesthood, service to the Almighty. As a Pastor, he catered to the need of so many souls and touched countless lives. Congratulations Father! We are proud and grateful.
It is undoubtedly the case for numerous pastors around the globe.
Let’s try to persevere in our service to others and to the Almighty. We must not be put off by the difficulties we meet on the way but overcome fatigue and bitterness to keep on running the race that lies before us. As a result, we will receive countless blessings from God.

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