Our human nature pushes us toward impatience; we are inclined to want things to go our way and right away. Unfortunately, patience is always very close to abandoning us, and we need to take one’s courage in both hands to not fall into frustration, bitterness, or despair.

It is not specific to Muslims, Jews, Christians, or Buddhists; this is intrinsic to our human nature.

How to cultivate patience and have peace floods

1. Let’s try to examine ourselves and see how imperfect we are.

We make so much fuss over little things that it should make us laugh. Put things into perspective is a way to win over our impatience.

If we take a step back in our consciousness, we can overview all that we could accomplish because we were patient and when we did not succeed because of our impatience.

The wiser among us practice humility, and it helps to embrace patience.

In our household and our family, love is the secret that generates patience.

2. What should we do in more severe circumstances?

Facing a physical illness or facing the loss of a loved one is never easy, we need the light of faith.

The light of faith does not make us forget our sufferings but faith,

is a lamp which guides our steps in the night and suffices for the journey” – Pope Francis

The Almighty sustains us in patience and hope. Let’s not forget that even in the most challenging circumstances, he is there for us.

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