Love is patient, love is understanding, love is forgiveness, love is paying attention.
In any couple paying attention to your spouse means love. Anticipating our spouse’s needs leave us with a feeling of happiness because we experience the transformative power of our love, as we watch the dazzling eyes of our spouse.
A lack of attention, a lack of love follows a person all their life long and affect their mental stability. This can usher anger, frustration, violence. When you check the background of someone who just committed a crime, most of the time you will discover that this individual was never given any attention, had never been surrounded with love and doesn’t know what love is about. When you received love, you want to share that love you don’t want to kill your neighbor. This is the case for any human being regardless of their religion.

The Love of God for Us

The most powerful love is the Love of God for us. We experience the Love of God for us through the grace of Faith. When we understand that God loves us, cares about each one of us, we feel different, we are more confident, we have wings. We try to understand what he wants from us and we keep going without being afraid because we know that he will take care of every details beyond our expectations.
We can be betrayed by others, we can betray, I may disappoint others, I certainly did many times, we are humans, but the Love of God will never betray us.
The Love of God will push us to our limits. Brothers and Sisters be confident in God’s Love for you and you will have wings for your life.

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