Peace is our mission

The Berrah Foundation is committed to helping everyone realize how important it is to cultivate peace by respecting the different ways we all worship.

We envision the day when our neighbor does not look strange to us because he or she practices a different religion than ours. Our mission is to sow concord and fraternal harmony in our human community.

Social interaction and engagement lie at the foundation of Dr.Berrah's goal to empower the youth. 

The Berrah Foundation is working on programs that focus on an array of innovative educational concepts to acquaint everyone with comprehensive knowledge about the different faiths.

We will offer edutainment programs in settings where children can learn about the religious practices of other children. The objective is to organize small reunions and get-togethers for teenagers in informal settings where an exchange of ideas can help familiarize them with cultural beliefs, while broadening their knowledge. 

Our approach is meant to raise awareness in people’s lives, no age should be excluded. We want to build bridges, and tear down the walls of mistrust and hate in order to bring peace. 

“Children are the future of the world. I have always believed in their potential and without a single spec of doubt, I trust in the ability of our children to make our world a better place.” - Dr. Ghoulem Berrah