Our Activities



Meeting with young people of different faiths.

In line with the spirit of Dr. Ghoulem Berrah who uttered these sagacious words: “Children are the future of the world. I have always believed in their potential and without a single spec of doubt, I trust in the ability of our children to make our world a better place.” , November11 ,a group of teenagers of the Jewish, Islamic and Christian faiths, enjoyed an informal meeting held  at The Dr.Ghoulem Berrah Foundation.The meeting

was   followed by a luncheon hosted by Mrs. Marguerite Berrah President of The Foundation.

All teenagers grasped the idea that building peace  was an important matter and  agreed to be part of the process. 

The  way they embrace their faith was impressive. Amira, a Muslim teenager, professed that she wanted to wear a scarf to affirm her Islamic faith while Shahid, another Muslim girl, was without a scarf.

Ellis, a Jewish teenager, exhibited his kippah and declared that it was his way to show his connection with God. Alan, another young Jewish, had no cover on his head.

Jebreel was proudly wearing a  Muslim attire with a kufi on his head and asserted that  he wanted to be recognized as a Muslim, while Muhammed was wearing a regular pant and shirt.

Young Christians were also very proud of their faith. 

They all enjoyed talking to each other realizing how much they have in common.

At the end of the meeting they were all displaying a genuine smile. They understood the importance of respecting each other faith as the way to building peace.